headshot session

$275 • includes two images

4+ People: $150 each • includes one image per subject

11+ People: $80 each • includes one image per subject


headshot session

includes one image per subject

4+ People: $200 each

11+ People: $99 each

please request a quote for groups of 21+

personal branding session

includes four images with two looks


personal branding session

includes four images with two looks


additional images may be purchased for $50 each

make-up artist – $75 per person

recommended for women only. group rates available.

Take control of your brand and digital identity

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Our goal at the Headshot Studio KC is to present the best possible version of you to the world. We work hard to ensure that your headshot reflects your essence and captures the attention of your intended audience.

To do that, we offer various photo-editing styles to meet your needs and retouching is included in the price of your package!


Look awesome, but just need a little help? Maybe you had a breakout or a few hairs just wouldn’t cooperate.

Recommended for those who want to look their natural best.

  • blemish removal
  • minor stray hair removal
  • teeth whitening
  • eye brightening


Could you use more of a pick-me-up? Maybe your “character lines” are starting to show more than you’d like or your under-eye circles are saying “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Recommended for corporate headshots and people wanting a more polished and professional look.

  • blemish removal
  • minor stray hair removal
  • teeth whitening
  • eye brightening
  • shine reduction
  • wrinkle and under-eye circle minimization


If you want a more dramatic change in your appearance, let us know exactly what you have in mind and we will send you a custom quote.

Remember though…sometimes flaws are just charms in disguise.


I am Shea Swinford, photographer, artist and owner of The Headshot Studio.  I have been photographing people for 16 years.  It is my job to COACH you to reveal your very best look to me that conveys the authentic, confident and approachable version of yourself.  Thus, representing the very best Headshot of you at this moment.

I collaborate with industry professionals to better define who they are and what they do through powerful images.  It is my belief that no matter who you are and what you do, if you have an online presence (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), you have a brand.  The brand is You.  Your brand needs an image that represents just that.  I want to collaborate with you to customize that brand so you can reach a whole new level of authenticity in your brand identity and experience.  I am here to redefine what it means to take a powerful headshot and/or portrait and deliver your authentic message. It is time to make that investment in you, headshots aren’t just for actors/models anymore. 

There is no denying the fact that a good headshot will evoke  trust, authenticity and  interest in you and your personal brand.

Clients and investors want to know who they are dealing with, so with a good headshot will ensure that your

first impression makes a positive impact”  -shea swinford

The Headshot Studio KC


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